The MySoldMate Crew

These personality types are how we match the perfect Realtor to each home buyer or seller!

The General

Creative leaders that always strive to succeed.

The Lawyer

Curious and knowledge thirsty; always up for a challenge.

The Designer

Very creative. Has a plan for everything. Often has great intuition.

The Scientist

Inventive architect with a healthy hunger for knowledge.

The Hero

Alluring and moving story tellers; has the ability to captivate their listeners.

The Activist

Confident, charming and moving individuals; always has something to be grateful for.

The Spokesman

Mysterious and sticks to themselves; stands strong on their beliefs.

The Referee

Charitable and artistic people always ready to aid others.

The Knight

Dedicated and nurturing; always ready to help the ones they love however they may need.

The Planner

Logical people who fact check their knowledge and should be taken seriously.

The Leader

Inspiring team leaders; the best in the business.

The Diplomat

Always ready to help those in need; social butterflies.

The Explorer

Creative and artistic; never shies away from a new experience.

The Wizard

Adventurous yet reasonable; can master just about anything.

The Performer

Impromptu and active people; they make life interesting.

The Daredevil

Insightful and industrious individuals that prefer their life on the wild side.

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